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Out the Door and Off to School | 8 Easy Tips

It's no secret that getting your kids to school on time can be challenging. But being late to school is more than just an inconvenience - it can impact your child's education. Kids arriving after the bell rang could mean missing valuable class time and learning opportunities. What can you do to help them get to school on time? Check out the tips below!

Give yourself some extra time. Getting ready for school in the morning can be hectic. But, giving yourself some extra spare time can reduce stress. So you're not rushed, pad your schedule with a few extra minutes. 

Set a daily routine. Having a set daily routine can help your kids know what to expect each day and can help them stay on track.

Lay out clothes the night before. Deciding what to wear can be one of the most time-consuming tasks in the morning. Have your child pick out their clothes, the night before to relieve stress in the mornings. 

Pack backpacks and lunchboxes the night before. Each evening, encourage your child to help get set for the next day. Getting a head start on lunches is easy. This could be as easy as putting fruits and vegetables in sealed containers and preparing water bottles for the next day.

Create a "last stop" area. The ideal place for your last stop area is near the door you leave each morning. This is a great place to store backpacks, musical instruments, and anything else that might be easily forgotten. Having a spot for other seasonal items such as jackets, sweaters, or umbrellas is a good idea.  

Pack the car. Since everything you have to pack is in the last stop area, you won't be running around the house looking for the items on those mornings when things just aren't running smoothly. If it can be packed in the car the night before, you can reduce the number of things you'll need to do the next day.

Have a backup plan. Having a backup plan in place can be valuable. Back-up plans can range from asking someone else to help with drop-off and pick-up or having an alternate plan for breakfast or lunch.

Model time management. Kids learn from those they love; you! If getting to school on time is important to you, it will be for your child as well.

Making sure your kids are on time for school is essential for their education and future success. This is just one of the many ways our parent and guardian community can be involved in empowering every learner for a lifetime of success.

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