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Dual Enrollment

Paradise Valley High School, in conjunction with Rio Salado Community College, makes it possible for students to earn college credit without ever leaving campus.

Our Dual teachers are certified to teach college-level courses, and our curriculum is reviewed annually. This program provides opportunities for students to take college level courses and earn concurrent credit toward a high school diploma and a college degree while still in high school. 

Earn College Credit

Paradise Valley High School offers a variety of dual enrollment courses which are completed on our high school campus. After the student completes the necessary criteria to enroll in the dual enrollment course, they will receive both high school credit and college credit for the same course once the student completes the course. For example, a student who takes AP Calculus AB at PVHS and completes all the necessary dual enrollment criteria will receive high school math credit and 4 college credits for MAT221 for the same course.

For more details and registration information, contact the PVHS Dual Enrollment Coordinator, Stacie Chambers [ or (602) 449-7015].  

Accuplacer testing is provided in the spring. Please contact the coordinator if you are interested.

Payment Information

A 3-credit class at a state university costs $2,222 plus books.

A 3-credit dual enrollment class costs $270 with no cost for books. This is a significant savings!

Payment is made to Rio Salado and is due at the time of registration.

Placement Testing

Nearly all Dual Enrollment classes with Rio Salado require either a placement test score, a high school AZMerit score of proficient, or a prerequisite course (NEWGPAs accepted for some math classes).

  • Placement scores are good for 2 years and are valid for any Maricopa Community College. If a student does not make the qualifying score the first time, they are permitted to take the test again after 24 hours.
    • An additional re-test is permitted no sooner than three months from the first time they tested.
  • Placement tests are provided at no charge to students at any Rio Salado Testing Site or any Maricopa Community College, including Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC). 
  • Students will NOT be allowed to test without the following items:
    • Photo ID, such as a school ID, driver's license/permit, passport or state issued ID card (Copies are not accepted).
    • A Community College Student ID number (i.e. 34123456). See the registration process on our Dual Enrollment website for steps to receive a student ID number.